CSM BA Graphic Design Degree Show.

The theme of the 2016 BA Graphic Design degree show at Central Saint Martins revolved around asking questions. Students at CSM have been taught to question everything, including graphic design itself, how it has evolved and outline new definitions. Taking this on board we developed a modular system for the signage, which varied throughout different iterations – to support the idea of diversity of the subject area, our course and changing definitions of graphic design. As a nod to that, we chose a range of different materials and composed them in an unconstrained way.

In collaboration with Felix Steindl & Hannah Nightingale.


_MG_5115 1600px

Boards Two

Intro Board Front

Intro Board Detail


Flyer - Back

As for the typeface, we fell for GT Cinetype, as it is quite unusual: it looks like a normal typeface from a distance, but up close it’s quite different and you notice the detail – the many angles. This suited our concept well. Throughout different renditions of the identity materials the transformation aspect was quite important. Overall we wanted to create an identity that illustrated our diversity as a course and our non-constrained way of thinking.


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