Nowhere in Particular (Part 1).

Nowhere in Particular is a project that originated as a performative lecture, conducted at Central Saint Martins on 18 February 2016, as part of a brief run by Joshua Trees. In it we showcased slides from Google Street View collected through a random generator (Random Street View) and passed them off as pictures taken on a real road trip. We were interested in the atmosphere of a place, capturing its true identity and how, through technology, this aspect of travel is changing and will continue to. The remaining result is a book and a box of slides. The further investigation into this topic is a project Nowhere in Particular (Part 2).

Project completed in collaboration with Georgia Cranstoun.


The book can be purchased here (doesn’t include bookmark)


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In the book we included a bookmark with the original script of the lecture, so that the reader could follow our trip in the similar way that it was initially presented.


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Slide 01