True Horizon.

True Horizon is an interpretation of a TV series True Detective
(Season 1). Locations of Louisiana where it is set are characteristic of the show and plays an instrumental role in setting the atmosphere throughout. As viewers, we bear witness to vast landscapes, open space, plenty of sky and a sense of isolation as the two main characters drive through the state for an investigation.

This book in turn is the result of an investigation into the landscape throughout the series, with an emphasis on the changing line of the horizon, as well as the main characters’ reflections on the place, both in the literal and wider, metaphorical sense of the word: as the narrative progresses, the conversation becomes less about the physical space or current location and more about the inner world or the universe.





Rust – a deep, philosophical character – in the book is represented by the sky, and Marty – a down to earth type of guy – is the ground.